What to Expect from Water Damage Cleanup in Palm Beach County

water damage clean up in Palm Beach County

If you’ve experienced a flood or a burst pipe and have water damage, you are probably wondering what to do next. The first thing you want to do is find the source of the water and cut it off. You may need to turn off the water supply to the damaged area. If you are struggling to find the source, you can either call a professional plumber or your water company. Once the source has been shut off, you will want to call a professional restoration company. A professional water damage cleanup in Palm Beach County will repair the water damage in your home. Here is what you can expect from water damage clean up in Palm Beach County.


After the water restoration company arrives, a technician will inspect the home and evaluate the damage. They will use special tools and instruments to detect how much moisture is present in the area. The technician will also need to assess the extent of the water damage. Once the inspection is complete, the technician will come up with a water restoration plan.

Prevention of Further Damage

The longer standing water sits, the worse the damage becomes. If the restoration company determines special equipment is needed in order to restore your home, they will place dehumidifiers to prevent further damage. Water damage cleanup in Palm Beach will often require additional drying equipment.

Removal of Standing Water

The most important step when it comes to water damage cleanup is removing standing water. While you may think this would be a long process, it actually is very simple. The technician will use shop vacuums and rotate them to suck up all the standing water. The total time will vary depending on the size of the room and how much water is present.


After the standing water is removed, it is time to dry out the area. Drying out the area is done by using air movers. Air movers in most cases are big fans. The technician will move the big fans around to ensure the whole area is dry. Don’t be surprised if your carpet needs to be lifted up to make sure everything is dry. During this phase containment also happens. This is to ensure that more damp areas will receive the most heat.


During the whole drying-out process, the technicians will check each area. They will check to make sure the drying process is going well and that dehumidifiers are not putting out moist air. After one room is dry, technicians will move equipment around to other rooms. Once all the rooms are dry, the technicians will test each area to make sure there is no mold growth. A major concern when it comes to water damage is mold. Some restoration companies in Palm Beach County will actually come back a week or so after the water restoration process is complete to take more samples. Once the area has been cleared the water restoration process is complete.

Have Your Water Damage Cleaned Up

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