Water Leak Restoration and Water Leak Cleanup in Boca Raton, Deerfield Beach and Surrounding Areas

Water damage is one of the most harmful problems that one can face as a homeowner. If you are facing water damage due to a natural disaster or an external source leak, you should try to get rid of the accumulated water as soon as possible. Along with destroying all your essentials and precious belongings, it damages the structural foundation of your house and breeds the growth of molds and bacteria which can also lead to adverse health problems. We, at Get Me Dry Today, are a reliable company that has been catering to water damage remediation for more than 12 years in and around areas including Boca Raton, Deerfield Beach, Delray Beach, Parkland, and Pompano Beach. We have highly trained professionals who can use their state of the art technology and advanced water damage detection and removal equipment to get rid of the water. So, right from water leak restoration to water removal and clean up, we do it all.

Before hiring such a service, you should always clear your doubts and concerns. Here, we have a few important questions you should ask them. Take a look.

1. How you carry out the restoration?

Since you are the homeowners, you have the right to know how exactly they carry out the process of restoration using high-tech extraction pumps that suck the moisture or whether they have the thermal imaging technology which can detect the residual moisture usually lurking behind ceilings, walls, or under the floors.

2. Do you use a dehumidifier or air movers?

Just helping to get rid of the water will not be enough. Water damaged homes have a high moisture content which can also help in the growth of bacteria and molds. So, you have to check whether the company you are considering offers you dehumidifiers or air movers to completely help you get rid of the moisture residue.

3. Do you have emergency services?

Water damage is an emergency that can strike without a warning. So, you should make sure that the company you are considering offers you a service 24×7.
So, if you think that we have all the right answers to these questions, you should get in touch with us now.